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EPDM Rubber Hoses

EPDM is a terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and a diene monomer making EPDM tubing an outstanding resistance to oxygen, ozone, and sunlight. It is resistant to polar materials such as phosphate esters, many ketones and alcohol. … EPDM tubing has a wide range of applications for OEM industries.

The hose offers flexibility and a smooth, sanitary inner surface for unrestricted flow for uses such as washdown stations, coolant transfer, glycol lines, and others.
This non-marking, non-toxic rubber is made from premium grade EPDM sheet rubber and exhibits the white color commonly associated with food-grade rubber. … White FDA approved EPDM rubber is typically used for general gaskets commonly used in food processing operations.

POLYTECH has grown from a start up enterprise to one among the leading manufacturers of rubber components in India

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