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POLYTECH has grown from a start up enterprise to one among the leading manufacturers of rubber components in India. At POLYTECH, we believe in continuous improvement, creativity, hard work and products that are second to none.

POLYTECH has established itself as an established strategic source for all sophisticated and hi-tech applications with rubber. Over the past 15 years we have carved a niche market for ourselves as a world class manufacturer of rubber components that always steers itself ahead of the industry’s expectations. 

Catering to various sectors, today POLYTECH touches your life everyday through the automotive, racing, construction equipment, Truck and bus, Defense, Power transmission sectors. Our product range includes Silicone hoses, EPDM hoses, Neoprene Hoses, Rubber to metal bonded products, Anti vibration mountings, molded rubber products, flexible separators, expansion joints, Rubber extrusions etc.

POLYTECH is a front-runner in the field of rubber technology with our brand of products both domestically and globally considered as benchmarks by the industry. Quality excellence and customers delight lead our establishment, which is registered with an ISO 9001 : 2015 certification.

We pursue an aggressive growth strategy to manufacture technologically advanced rubber products. We believe in providing solutions that are exploratory, inspirational, conceptually interesting and visually stunning.

Our Vision

As POLYTECH., we take pride in our diligence, flexibility and sincerity, all of which result in our reliable development and continuous improvement. Our active policy of improving the processes and maintaining our advantageous and competitive position is applied by placing great emphasis on using our resources effectively. In order to preserve our well-progressing ambiance, our personnel are always appreciated and TEAM WORK is encouraged.

Our Mission

As POLYTECH, our priority is to keep our customer’s satisfaction in upper level by manufacturing high level products. Aiming to move with friendly service approach without compromising on quality, and not satisfied with its current position, develop new methods and solutions with firm steps on this way.

POLYTECH has grown from a start up enterprise to one among the leading manufacturers of rubber components in India

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